About Us

Corals research group, University Malaysia Terengganu

We are a group of university researchers with strong interest in tropical coral reefs. Our aim is to explore and obtain information about coral reefs using scientific methods and to make them available to the authorities and other stakeholders for conservation and use in a sustainable manner.

Short term goals

At present, we conduct research on the fringing reefs around the islands off Terengganu. With the strong commitment from the Institution of Oceanography and Environment, University Malaysia Terengganu, we conduct regular monitoring programs to Bidong Island, Redang Island, Perhentian Island and a few coastal reefs to survey the health and status of the coral reefs in the area.

Long term goals

Sustainable management of the coral reefs would not be achieved without thorough understanding of the corals and organisms associated to the animals. Hence, we focus our studies on:

  • Coral reef resilience and health
  • Symbiotic relationships between zooxanthellae and corals
  • Impacts of environmental changes on the reefs
  • Biotic-abiotic interaction in the coral reef ecosystem
  • Corals nursery development
  • Pollution impacts on coral reefs

Corals research group. University Malaysia Terengganu

Our commitment and networking

We are committed to publish and share our findings, reports and outcomes. We also work closely with the Marine Parks Department of Malaysia, National Oceanography Directorate, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Malaysia and the Malaysian Nature Society (Terengganu Branch) to “safe guard” this priceless natural heritage. We welcome collaboration and suggestions. Together, we conserve the corals reef  for the future generation.

We can be contacted at:

Coral Research Group,
Institute of Oceanography and Environment
University Malaysia Terengganu
21030 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu
17th April 2011